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Once Selma and I moved to Coolidge Corner, we were desperate to find a new sushi place to satisfy our late night cravings. After scouring google, we settled on this little place located in Brookline Village called Zen 320. The reviews were decent and the prices were cheap so we decided to risk our physical health and try it out…and we’re really glad we did! The first time we laid eyes on this place, we weren’t sure if we made it to the right place. It’s a little off the beaten path and the only thing noticeable about their exterior is their little glowing neon “open” sign. This is your typical “don’t judge a book by its cover/interior decoration” scenario. Note: this was our 3rd time coming here so obviously it was good or we wouldn’t be back.

photo 1

We sat ourselves in our usual section and while we waited for our food to arrive, I broke my chopsticks. Bad Asian.

photo 2

First comes the miso soup. This soup is very hit or miss. Sometimes its really good, and other times it’s way too salty. This time it was really salty. We’re pretty sure it was sitting there since yesterday reducing away. We had to add some water to balance it out. Sad sad day for the miso. photo 3

Next the main course. This time, Selma and I both got the Texas Bento Box (weird name because other than beef, there is nothing Texas about this). It came with some really good marinated beef, a tempura roll, shumai, a dumpling, rice and salad. I really enjoy bento boxes because I think you get the most bang for your buck. And at this place, I would suggest only getting the beef bento. I got the salmon bento once and it was not the greatest (see picture below). photo 4

We also ordered a philly roll on the side just because we love them so much. photo 5

This place is good if you want a cheap and quick dinner. To their credit, this place has really fresh fish. Their sushi is the cheapest I’ve seen so far in Boston and the quality is really on par (if not better) with some of the nicer places in town. The decor and the ambiance is that of a hole-in-the-wall place (which is fine because their food is delicious). Also, our poor waiter (the only waiter we’ve ever seen) literally runs around this place serving everyone. I can’t imagine this place being efficient on a busy night but we’ve never really seen it that busy. Overall, we will continue to go back because the sushi and beef bento boxes are a steal for this area. This is the Sushi Dinner Platter that I got the last time I was here. The fish was super fresh and flavorful.

2013-09-21 20.05.26

This is the salmon bento box. The salmon was way overdone and hard. Probably wont order it again. 2013-09-01 21.15.30

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